What is  A Concept Store, How Concept Store Begins  

What is  A Concept Store, How Concept Store Begins  

What Is A Concept Store

A concept store is a place wherein new ideas are put together in a bid to enhance the shopper experience and sell more things such as clothes, shoes, and accessories.

In addition, a concept store has their own product brand and is usually locally made.

Furthermore, they also infuse eco-environmental friendly products, like for food it is usually organic, for raw material recycled.

World’s First Concept Store

The 1st concept store started 28 years ago in Milan, Italy.  In 1990 Carla Sozzani, being passionate about photography.

She put up a gallery with her collection of artwork bought in New York and London.

Having a photo gallery those time in Italy is unpopular. Photography is not art for them that year 1990.

Carla did not lose faith, in spite she’s working in a garage with no window, and a concrete floor, while all the other stores around here are marble.

Hence people do not recognize her gallery, therefore, they are not sure of her concept yet.

Finally, she was noticed hence started selling fashion aside from her artwork. after a year through word of mouth.

Additionally, the Milan-based concept store spread across 2 floors and a roof terrace boasts a three-room hotel and a restaurant.

Likewise, she expanded her store in Tokyo, Japan, followed by Seoul, Beijing, and Shanghai in 2002.



10 Corso Cosmo, Milan 2016

How Did the Term “Concept Store” Come Alive

An Italian sociologist/journalist wrote an article about 10 Corso Cosmo, he wrote:  “Stores built around the image are over; concept stores have begun”



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