Laptop Bag


Anyone care for a laptop bag?

We are proud to offer you an eco-friendly new laptop bag design made of scrap from shoemaking to help build an eco-environmental friendly society. What is an eco-friendly product then?

Ecofriendly products, also known as green products, are products that don’t harm the environment (whether in their production, use, or even disposal).

Green products help conserve energy, minimizes carbon footprints or the emission of greenhouse gases and don’t lead to a lot of toxicity and pollution

A built-in compartment inside, to provide you with more space.

We all need bags of different kind of activities, and this one suits your comforts.

A bag should be stylish, elegant, should accomplish a lot, being a carry it all person.

At Joyhanna’s Creation, you have a lot to choose from and can be assured you that you can have not just one but more than what you need. We have a lot to offer.

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Showing all 2 results