Shop’s History

Shop’s History of Joyhannas Creation 

Miss Johanna Aquino was introduced to shoemaking business by her in-laws, Leovigildo and Gorgonia Aquino. The former is the founder and manager of Joyhannas Creation.

The Shoemaking Business

The couple started the shoemaking business in 1976. They were able to develop successfully through time. Helping unemployed people by patiently teaching them the art of shoemaking.

They experienced the ups and downs in business. In 2008 discouragement in operational challenge them, as a result, they almost gave up and close the factory.

Nevertheless, due to their love for their workers and their passion for shoemaking business, thus they persevered.

They mentored Miss Johanna Aquino, hence the shoemaking business prospered.

She continued the shoemaking business, in 2009 Johanna founded the association of shoemakers.

The Birth of Joyhannas Creation

In 2016 she expanded her shoemaking business into all ladies collection which was later on owned and named to her daughters Joy Gladys M. Aquino, the fusion of their names Joyhannas Creation was born. 

The creative ideas and designs are led by Johanna furthermore

supported by skilled craftsmen, trained in the art of making bags, clothing, other accessories and expert in shoemaking business.

She also created an oil-based line of inspired perfume.

Everything about Ladies Fashion, we surely have it all.