Mission And Vision

What is the mission and vision of Joyhannas Creation

Joyhannas Creation Mission and Vision to continue the business inherited from her parents-in-law first of all. One of the legacies in shoemaking business in Binan.

The late Leovigildo Aquino and wife Gorgonia Aquino started the shoemaking enterprises in 1976, the parents-in-law of Johanna Aquino founder and manager of Joyhannas Creation.

Trained and mentored properly she is able to continue the business inherited from her parents-in-law by helping unemployed people to earn a living, similarly to what her parents-in-law already started.

Her quest continue the business inherited from her parents-in-law.  Until such time an association of shoemakers in Binan was established furthermore generates a living.

Her passion to improve even more is unstoppable. With the help of talented craftsmen of shoemaking. They recycle the trash and scrap from shoemaking into new bags designs.

Thus contributing to the society the social awareness of using eco-environmental friendly materials. Customer satisfaction is another mission of their business.


Joyhannas Creation Mission and Vision To continue the business inherited from the parents-in-law.

Came into reality through the persistence and perseverance of Johanna Aquino and with the full and loving support of her husband, two daughters and the rest of the family.

They were able to continue the business inherited from her parents-in-law successful until now.

She also aims to be one of the leading fashion brands nationwide, another Joyhannas Creation Mission and Vision.

Founder and Manager of Joyhannas Creation