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About-Joyhanna’s Creation


Joyhanna’s Creation – Your Fashion, My Passion

Joyhanna’s wide range of products starts from shoes to bags to clothings, even accessories and perfumes.

We are a forward thinking company who visionally makes the product with the bold approach and surprisingly acceptable trends to entrepreneurial concepts stores around the Philippines.

In Joyhanna’s we stand with these four pillars:

First, We surprise our customers with our inventions.

Out of scrap we can make a new line of shoes, bags, accessories and clothings that are trending and fashionable.

Thus, something new and innovative is our goal.

Second, We turn something old into something new.

The old traditional style of fashion changes with Johanna’s new and trendy creations.

We connect to millennials – we never stop the passion of doing trendy and fashionable creations to adapt in the style and fashion of the new generation.

Third, We do the opposite.

While others are probably busy selling online, we surpassed them with our line of products.

We don’t just sell online, we distribute to boutiques and concept stores.

Distributed and delivered to other parts of the country – that’s how we do the opposite.

We just don’t sit instead, we reach out for your fashion.

And last, We infuse a dose of vice.

Most importantly, our line of creations are affordable and irresistible therefore you can’t resist buying.

Created and owned by Johanne Aquino, Joyhanna’s creation started in January 2016.

The creative idea and designs are spearheaded by her and supported by a skilled partner who was trained in the art of making bags, shoes, items of clothing, and other accessories, through time were inspired created a line of perfume oil based.

Today, Joyhanna’s creation is owned by Ms. Johanne’s daughter, Joy Gladys M. Aquino.